Our history

Amers Co., Ltd. is an online cosmetic and supplement sales company that has been operating since 2017. It started with direct sales through stores, single-level, and multi-level direct sales (MLM). Eventually, it opted for a single-level online direct sales model, which proved to be a successful and suitable approach for Thailand. Initially, Amerz Co., Ltd. sourced products from various OEM factories but encountered issues related to quality, modifications, raw materials, and delivery times. These problems led to a mismatch in product quality and price.

Recognizing the challenges, the executive group of Amers Co., Ltd. saw the potential in establishing their own factory. This move allowed them to have better control over the manufacturing process and efficiently address the previously encountered issues. Furthermore, they realized that being a manufacturer themselves would enable them to create products that cater to the needs of consumers both in Thailand and overseas. The rise of online sales presented an excellent opportunity to excel in creativity and service, prompting the company to focus on developing the factory to its fullest potential.


About us

Amers Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 as a cosmetic manufacturer. It was founded with a strong determination to create exceptional beauty innovations that would be embraced and recognized by consumers. Their vision and management strategy revolved around maintaining professionalism and adhering to standardized manufacturing practices, ensuring the ability to meet the diverse needs of customers.
The company focuses on producing products under various product brands for both domestic and international clients. Additionally, they are committed to conducting business with ethical principles at the core of their operations. This commitment extends to the research, development, and creation of brand-specific formulas to deliver products of the highest quality and safety standards.



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